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2/24/2020mp366 MB2/24/2020
2/24/2020mp358 MB2/24/2020
2/24/2020mp335 MB2/24/2020
2/17/2020mp338 MB2/17/2020
2/10/2020mp349 MB2/10/2020
2020-02-02 Who Is This
2/03/2020mp336 MB2/03/2020
2020-01-26 The Best Costs
1/27/2020mp332 MB1/27/2020
1/20/2020mp330 MB1/20/2020
2020-01-19 Total Care
1/20/2020mp343 MB1/20/2020
2020-01-05 Stepping Up
1/07/2020mp346 MB1/07/2020
2019-12-29 Dont Grow Alone
12/30/2019mp341 MB12/30/2019
12/23/2019mp343 MB12/23/2019
12/16/2019mp342 MB12/16/2019
2019-12-08 True or False
12/09/2019mp339 MB12/09/2019
12/04/2019wav199 MB12/04/2019
11/18/2019mp353 MB11/18/2019
2019-11-10 Judge Right
11/11/2019mp342 MB11/11/2019
11/03/2019wav476 MB11/03/2019
2019-10-27 A Heart Test
10/28/2019mp346 MB10/28/2019
10/15/2019mp351 MB10/15/2019
2019-10-06 Not So Fast
10/07/2019mp345 MB10/07/2019
9/23/2019mp345 MB9/23/2019
2019-09-15 Foregiveness
9/16/2019mp343 MB9/16/2019
9/10/2019mp341 MB9/10/2019
9/02/2019mp350 MB9/02/2019
2019-08-25 When You Pray
8/26/2019mp322 MB8/26/2019
8/21/2019mp344 MB8/21/2019
2019-08-11 The Growth Test
8/12/2019mp351 MB8/12/2019
2019-08-04 Dont Miss Out
8/05/2019mp345 MB8/05/2019
7/29/2019mp340 MB7/29/2019
7/29/2019mp352 MB7/29/2019
7/22/2019mp351 MB7/22/2019
7/22/2019mp351 MB7/22/2019
7/22/2019mp351 MB7/22/2019
7/22/2019mp351 MB7/22/2019
7/16/2019mp354 MB7/16/2019
7/08/2019mp332 MB7/08/2019
6/30/2019mp344 MB6/30/2019
6/23/2019mp341 MB6/23/2019
6/17/2019mp340 MB6/17/2019
6/10/2019mp334 MB6/10/2019
2019-06-02 Marriage Reset
6/03/2019mp344 MB6/03/2019
5/27/2019mp336 MB5/27/2019
5/20/2019mp347 MB5/20/2019
5/13/2019mp353 MB5/13/2019
2019-05-05 Murder Mouth
5/06/2019mp353 MB5/06/2019
5/06/2019mp383 MB5/06/2019
2019-04-21 Reboot
4/22/2019mp338 MB4/22/2019
2019-04-14 Taste and See
4/15/2019mp340 MB4/15/2019
4/08/2019mp340 MB4/08/2019
4/01/2019mp342 MB4/01/2019
3/25/2019mp341 MB3/25/2019
3/25/2019mp341 MB3/25/2019
3/11/2019mp350 MB3/11/2019
2019-03-03 The Call
3/04/2019mp340 MB3/04/2019
2/25/2019mp342 MB2/25/2019
2/18/2019mp350 MB2/18/2019
2/11/2019mp346 MB2/11/2019
2/04/2019mp345 MB2/04/2019
1/28/2019mp342 MB1/28/2019
1/21/2019mp348 MB1/21/2019
1/14/2019mp341 MB1/14/2019
2019-01-06 Near and Far
1/07/2019mp354 MB1/07/2019
12/31/2018mp327 MB12/31/2018
2018-11-25 Many to Many
11/26/2018mp374 MB11/26/2018
11/19/2018mp387 MB11/19/2018
11/15/2018mp338 MB11/15/2018
2018-11-04 You Never Know
11/04/2018mp346 MB11/04/2018
10/29/2018mp342 MB10/29/2018
10/22/2018mp346 MB10/22/2018
10/15/2018mp340 MB10/15/2018
10/08/2018mp347 MB10/08/2018
9/10/2018mp346 MB9/10/2018
2018-09-02 For The Record
9/03/2018mp349 MB9/03/2018
8/27/2018mp346 MB8/27/2018
8/21/2018mp343 MB8/21/2018
2018-08-12 Faith Activated
8/13/2018mp337 MB8/13/2018
2018-08-05 Faith Unpacked
8/06/2018mp331 MB8/06/2018
2018-07-29 Command C
7/30/2018mp358 MB7/30/2018
2018-07-22 Family Values
7/23/2018mp348 MB7/23/2018
7/16/2018mp344 MB7/16/2018
2018-07-08 Missions
7/09/2018mp364 MB7/09/2018
7/02/2018mp337 MB7/02/2018
6/26/2018mp347 MB6/26/2018
6/18/2018mp351 MB6/18/2018
6/12/2018mp344 MB6/12/2018
6/04/2018mp351 MB6/04/2018
5/28/2018mp373 MB5/28/2018
5/21/2018mp354 MB5/21/2018
2018-05-13 Hope For Moms
5/14/2018mp334 MB5/14/2018
5/07/2018mp348 MB5/07/2018
4/30/2018mp361 MB4/30/2018
4/23/2018mp343 MB4/23/2018
4/16/2018mp351 MB4/16/2018
2018-04-08 Is There A God
4/11/2018mp356 MB4/11/2018
2018-04-01 Prove It
4/02/2018mp347 MB4/02/2018
2018-03-18 Give Them Jesus
3/19/2018mp332 MB3/19/2018
3/13/2018mp336 MB3/13/2018
2018-03-04 On and Off
3/04/2018mp348 MB3/04/2018
2/26/2018mp346 MB2/26/2018
2/19/2018mp346 MB2/19/2018
2/13/2018mp344 MB2/13/2018
2018-02-04 Make It Real
2/05/2018mp345 MB2/05/2018
2018-01-28 The Rest of
1/29/2018mp338 MB1/29/2018
1/22/2018mp337 MB1/22/2018
2018-01-14 Key Recommits
1/16/2018mp345 MB1/16/2018
1/08/2018mp339 MB1/08/2018
1/03/2018mp333 MB1/03/2018
12/24/2017mp342 MB12/24/2017
2017-12-17 YOU and Us
12/19/2017mp349 MB12/19/2017
12/13/2017mp338 MB12/13/2017
2017-12-03 Dynamic Roadmap
12/04/2017mp348 MB12/04/2017
11/22/2017mp345 MB11/22/2017
2017-11-12 Power Position
11/13/2017mp349 MB11/13/2017
11/07/2017mp352 MB11/07/2017
2017-10-29 Your Very Best
10/30/2017mp340 MB10/30/2017
10/30/2017mp345 MB10/30/2017
2017-10-15 The Valley
10/16/2017mp336 MB10/16/2017
2017-10-08 Proverbs30v5-9
10/09/2017mp353 MB10/09/2017
2017-10-01 When We Pray
10/03/2017mp345 MB10/03/2017
9/25/2017mp339 MB9/25/2017
9/18/2017mp352 MB9/18/2017
9/12/2017mp343 MB9/12/2017
9/06/2017mp337 MB9/06/2017
8/28/2017mp332 MB8/28/2017
8/21/2017mp345 MB8/21/2017
8/14/2017mp342 MB8/14/2017
2017-08-06 Half and Half
8/08/2017mp336 MB8/08/2017
7/31/2017mp331 MB7/31/2017
7/24/2017mp356 MB7/24/2017
7/17/2017mp349 MB7/17/2017
7/09/2017mp372 MB7/09/2017
6/19/2017mp347 MB6/19/2017
2017-06-11 Plan to Stand
6/12/2017mp340 MB6/12/2017
6/05/2017mp342 MB6/05/2017
5/29/2017mp345 MB5/29/2017
2017-05-21 At All Cost
5/22/2017mp347 MB5/22/2017
5/16/2017mp324 MB5/16/2017
5/08/2017mp345 MB5/08/2017
2017-04-30 Dont Miss It
5/01/2017mp351 MB5/01/2017
2017-04-23 It All Matters
4/24/2017mp339 MB4/24/2017
2017-04-16 Good and Empty
4/17/2017mp340 MB4/17/2017
2017-04-09 A Grand Finale
4/11/2017mp322 MB4/11/2017
4/03/2017mp353 MB4/03/2017
3/27/2017mp356 MB3/27/2017
2017-03-19 Show and Tell
3/21/2017mp346 MB3/21/2017
3/12/2017mp360 MB3/12/2017
3/05/2017mp336 MB3/05/2017
2/28/2017mp339 MB2/28/2017
2017-02-19 Deal With It
2/21/2017mp353 MB2/21/2017
2017-02-12 Enter In
2/13/2017mp338 MB2/13/2017
2017-02-05 Now For Later
2/06/2017mp355 MB2/06/2017
2017-01-29 Look Up
1/30/2017mp348 MB1/30/2017
2017-01-22 Expose
1/22/2017mp340 MB1/22/2017
1/19/2017mp329 MB1/19/2017
1/02/2017mp332 MB1/02/2017
12/19/2016mp342 MB12/19/2016
2016-12-11 Purpose-Full
12/12/2016mp344 MB12/12/2016
2016-12-05 Be Ever Ready
12/06/2016mp347 MB12/06/2016
11/28/2016mp346 MB11/28/2016
11/20/2016mp318 MB11/20/2016
11/13/2016mp335 MB11/13/2016
11/01/2016mp334 MB11/01/2016
2016-10-23 More To Come
10/23/2016mp346 MB10/23/2016
10/11/2016mp343 MB10/11/2016
9/26/2016mp339 MB9/26/2016
9/19/2016mp341 MB9/19/2016
9/12/2016mp335 MB9/12/2016
9/04/2016mp339 MB9/04/2016
2016-08-28 Schooling Faith
8/28/2016mp337 MB8/28/2016
8/21/2016mp340 MB8/21/2016
2016-07-31 Dont Forget ME
7/31/2016mp332 MB7/31/2016
7/24/2016mp331 MB7/24/2016
7/17/2016mp331 MB7/17/2016
2016-07-10 Look Up
7/10/2016mp348 MB7/10/2016
2016-07-03 We Must Get Up
7/03/2016mp343 MB7/03/2016
2016-06-26 To Our Mess Ups
6/26/2016mp339 MB6/26/2016
2016-06-19 Does It Matter
6/19/2016mp340 MB6/19/2016
2016-06-05 Mental Health
6/05/2016mp342 MB6/05/2016
5/22/2016mp347 MB5/22/2016
2016-05-15 Spice Or Vice
5/15/2016mp350 MB5/15/2016
2016-05-08 Sexpectations
5/08/2016mp350 MB5/08/2016
5/01/2016mp347 MB5/01/2016
2016-04-24 Past Due
4/24/2016mp345 MB4/24/2016
2016-04-17 To Or From
4/17/2016mp346 MB4/17/2016
4/10/2016mp342 MB4/10/2016
2016-04-03 Value Check
4/03/2016mp342 MB4/03/2016
2016-03-27 Hope Alive
3/27/2016mp341 MB3/27/2016
2016-03-20 Show and Tell
3/20/2016mp335 MB3/20/2016
3/13/2016mp338 MB3/13/2016
2016-03-06 Never Too Late
3/06/2016mp340 MB3/06/2016
2016-02-28 We over Me
2/28/2016mp334 MB2/28/2016
2/21/2016mp338 MB2/21/2016
2/21/2016mp338 MB2/21/2016
2/14/2016mp344 MB2/14/2016
2/07/2016mp342 MB2/07/2016
1/31/2016mp332 MB1/31/2016
2016-01-17 Better Than ADT
1/17/2016mp336 MB1/17/2016
1/10/2016mp338 MB1/10/2016
1/03/2016mp333 MB1/03/2016
12/27/2015mp347 MB12/27/2015
12/20/2015mp332 MB12/20/2015
12/13/2015mp347 MB12/13/2015
12/13/2015mp347 MB12/13/2015
12/06/2015mp335 MB12/06/2015
11/29/2015mp341 MB11/29/2015
11/29/2015mp341 MB11/29/2015
11/15/2015mp338 MB11/15/2015
11/08/2015mp333 MB11/08/2015
2015-11-01 Game Of Thrones
11/02/2015mp338 MB11/02/2015
2015-10-25 Sexual Reboot
10/25/2015mp349 MB10/25/2015
10/18/2015mp339 MB10/18/2015
2015-10-11 Fearless
10/11/2015mp331 MB10/11/2015
10/04/2015mp342 MB10/04/2015
9/27/2015mp339 MB9/27/2015
9/20/2015mp347 MB9/20/2015
9/13/2015mp350 MB9/13/2015
9/06/2015mp339 MB9/06/2015
9/06/2015mp342 MB9/06/2015
9/06/2015mp331 MB9/06/2015
2015-08-09 All and Nothing
9/06/2015mp343 MB9/06/2015
9/06/2015mp344 MB9/06/2015
2015-09-06 Its Got To Show
9/06/2015mp339 MB9/06/2015
9/02/2015mp339 MB9/02/2015
8/11/2015mp324 MB8/11/2015
6/27/2015mp314 MB6/27/2015